Build reputation
as a world-class fact-checker
and earn rewards
by doing it

4Facts blockchain-based technology is a new, better approach to fighting fake news and mass disinformation

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4Facts platform helps identify reliable fact-checkers, motivates them to do valuable work and makes the global fact-checking effort more coordinated. Read more about our thinking in our blog post here.

Build reputation

Earn reputation points for correctly evaluated content and establish your status in the fact checking community.

Fight fake news

Your fact checking work will significantly decrease the visibility of bad content on social media and news aggregators. Support high quality content!

Earn rewards

Receive payment for the content you have correctly validated. Build your fact-checking reputation to receive larger rewards.


4Facts reputation management solution for the fact-checking community is based on distributed ledger technology and a smart alignment of incentives

4Facts Reputation Management Solution For Fact-checking Community

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